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We are associated with an US based health care company for whom we are doing the job of maintaining their database. In this job we just have to arrange their data in proper form in proper manner. For this they have provided us a Form and hence we have named this Job as FORM-FILLING Job.

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Some Key Features of Company

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What you have to do?

Nothing…its just that you have to utilize the time you have spare in which you do nothing. By working 2 hours morning and 2 hour in the evening you can earn 20000 to 40000 EXTRA.

Howz it? Now the question arises is the work typical or critical? Do I need to have any degree? Are any qualifications or skills required? Any age limit?
The Answer to all the questions above is a big NO….

All you need is just a normal computer or laptop, a normal internet connection and a normal typing speed. That’s it !!!


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